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Why is my eLiquid turning colors in my ProTank? – I’ve been using the ProTank for months now and I’ve used everything I can throw at it… There are 2 times that your eLiquid will turn colors.

Once your ProTank atomizer head has become fouled, you may notice a couple of things happening. First, you may notice a reduced Vapor output. Second, you may notice your eJuice tastes funny. Third, you may notice that your eLiquid is changing colors. What to do? Change your atomizer head! If you’re a heavy Vaper like me, your heads should average about 10-14 days of use. Longer, if you don’t Vape as much as me.

I have found that once I’m down to about 1ml of eLiquid AND when my atomizer head is starting to get old (but not fouled yet), that sometimes the gunk on the coil mingles with the eLiquid and it’ll change colors. What to do? Sacrifice that small amount of eLiquid and refill with FRESH! POOF, problem solved! Just for clarity, this isn’t a ProTank specific issue, it happens with most devices.

Kanger protank 2 and Reduced PG eLiquids are too thick and cause flooding with the ProTank heads. When I started using an RBA, I moved to 100% VG, in order to maximize my Vapor production. When I moved to the ProTank, I thought that I needed to continue to use high percentage VG in order to accomplish this. I was wrong. I am currently using 90% PG / 10% VG eLiquid in my ProTank and I get TONS of Vapor and I’m a happy camper. Now on the flip side, if you have a particular eJuice you like, say Boba’s Bounty… If you want to use the ProTank, fine, just live with the flooding. It’s not too bad, it still works. But if you don’t like the flooding, then find another eLiquid. 50-50 PG/VG works great and doesn’t flood. Just keep in mind, some eLiquid makers don’t know how to reliably produce 50-50 mixes, so your mileage may vary.

What’s the best APV or MOD to use with my ProTank? – You know what? They all work great. From the lowly eGo-C, to the Sigelei mods, VAMO, Lavatube, Natural, etc., from what I’ve experienced first hand, to what I’ve read from others, there is no “best”. They work great on whatever you have (as long as you have a 510 connection in there somewhere!) Now, if you want your Vape to look like a matched set, if you’re using an eGo-C battery, use an EVOD, ProTank Mini or a VTOX. If you’re using an APV or MOD, go for the X10, as it’s currently the ONLY ONE that is the same diameter as an average MOD.

Am I better off using EVOD or ProTank heads in my kanger protank – I’ve tried them both (as well as the X10 heads) and I can only say this. If you want lots of Vapor and good flavor, then you want to use the ProTank heads. The EVOD heads naturally have a tighter draw, which means less air flow across your coil. Less air flow AUTOMATICALLY equals less Vapor and less flavor. So sure, the EVOD heads will work in a pinch, but you really want to be using the ProTank heads. And that goes for the X10 and I’m assuming the others as well. Remember, it’s your atomizer that’s doing the work, not your tank.

So that’s it for now. Those are the 10 most searched for questions about the ProTank. Please pass the link to this page along to anyone that might need it and go ahead and bookmark this page, if you want to be sure to find it in the future.

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