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I ultimately created up my mind and bought a kanger protank mini. I started off with CE4 clearomizers and than graduated to CE5 clearomizers. I like each as they come in assorted colors which permits me to have several distinct e-juices going simultaneously and effortlessly keep in mind what exactly is in every single clearomizer. The problem is that they are plastic and you will find many juices around the market which are recognized to crack plastic. Instead of keep away from these juices, I decided I wanted a pyrex tank.

When shopping for tanks you soon uncover that there are actually a great number of types, sizes and choices. With clearomzers it was uncomplicated. All I had to perform was choose if I wanted a disposable CE4 or perhaps a rebuildable CE5 together with the coil on the bottom. Tanks are unique story. The more I surfed the net searching, the more I found.

I ultimately paid a check out for the neighborhood B&M. They had a variety of tanks and quite a few customers in their vaping lounge who were a lot more than happy to share their opinions as to what they thought about the unique tanks and why. I quickly learned that size, color and coils were not the only things I had to take into consideration. Airflow and draw vary from tank to tank. Luckily these exact same guys were a lot more than happy to let me try theirs.

In the end I opted for the kanger mini protank 2 as I liked the size and the draw. I also liked the difference in taste as far as glass vs plastic goes. The kanger mini protank is a pyrex glass tank. All of the parts that make up the unit are replaceable. If you drop it and break the glass, you can replace the glass as an alternative to have to buy a new tank. In the moment, the Protank 2 only comes with clear glass but color glass is likely coming in the future.

The Kanger Mini Protank II is designed for eGo batteries. It is a bottom coil design that uses atomizer heads that happen to be compatible with Protank 1 and EVOD tanks. The Protank mini holds 1.5 ml of liquid which is enough for me. Replacing the heads and filling the tank with juice are both a piece of cake. Although I would have liked a Phiniac tank, as they are ever so cool, I am very happy together with the Kanger Mini.

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