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The mysteries of the mind are locked up somewhere in the vaults of the brain and are possibly containing some faint signals from the afterlife or other worlds. While keeping it simple can be improbable as we delve into the memories and flashbacks occur that are a surprise as they turn up out of nowhere. The memory that suddenly surfaces to the eye of the mind can be something that was totally out of the consciousness of the person. But, it floats into vision out of the blue causing a pleasant recollection. These are the tricks of the mind that sometimes work in the opposite ways that we are training it to focus on. Some name or thing will suddenly shift into oblivion even though we know that it is just below the surface. Try as we might, it just does not come into recollection. And then lo and behold, it just wafts up creating a sense of euphoria in the individual.

These are the games that the mind plays with us. All of us have something going on at the level of the mind even as we are engaged in activities that are of a wholly different nature. We might be talking to someone while our mind is training itself into something that happened a long time ago. The eyes are constantly sending images and portraits to be captured in memory. The brain is engaged in its own game of banter always churning some new query or suggestion or posing a dilemma constantly. All these thoughts are also probably getting lodged in the recesses of the entity that we like to describe as the mind. We are told to be masters of our mind and not slaves of its tendency to stray away from the intention. How we arrive at this mastery can be a tough act, as most times, before we know it, our mind has set itself firmly on the path to the object or action that it craves for.

Without any inkling of what we are just about to do and forgetting all about the numerous instructions to ourselves, we end up doing something that we wanted to reduce or keep under control. EMDR TRAINING is one of the ways to get into the pathways of the mind and get the conscious and the subconscious to meet up and talk to each other. With an interaction at this level, it can be determined as to where particular memories have been deposited so that they can be properly identified with respect to the particular situations that take the consciousness to that part of the subconscious.

The skills that are required to be finessed are achieved with training that can guide the trainee through the theory and the practice of this method of addressing the problem memories. People with troubled memories can be helped to push them into the background and get on with their lives. The effects of a bad memory can be assuaged into retreating from view.

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