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The addressing of scars in the mind is a very elaborate process as victims have to be trained to erase the images that are lodged deep in the recesses of the brain. The processes that can yield results are those which ally with the attempts of the mind to deliver a healing of the traumatic experience.

The experiences are lodged in the networks of neurons somewhere and would have represented a spike in electrical signaling leading to a deviation from the normal patterns of the detection and processing of sensory signals. This can have created a barrier in the information highway of our mind and brain. The movement of the eyes during Rapid Eye Sleep has been posited to the processing of memories inside the brain.

What happens during this stage of sleep has been a matter of research EMDR TRAINING for many years now. It has been found that memories are managed during this time. The movement of eyes that occurs during the deep component of sleep is used to trigger a similar process and to get access to the memory.

The movement of eyes is made by asking the person to shift gaze according to the guidance of the instructor. The concept of REM sleep has been determined to be linked to the memory that governs our daily activities. These are the activities which we do from memory without realizing or expressing what we are doing. This is difference from the memory that provides us the comprehension and identification of the space in which we live. It is also different from the memory that enables us to respond to queries.

The area of memory that is retrieved during the rapid movement of the eyes is the unconscious memory. The period is used to manage and update the memory that relates to procedures which humans perform without attempting to think. The processes that unite the body and mind are a very complicated relationship between hardware and software.

The hibernation of the body is used to accomplish many activities related to management of memory and handling of data. After many years EMDR COURSES of research, medical and psychological science has come close to identifying the work processes of the brain. The use of the movements of the eyes to simulate the activity that takes place when the body is at rest is a very substantial improvement in the science of psychotherapy.

The routines that are taught at EMDR Training can be utilised to help people manage their feelings of hurt and trauma so that these memories do not keep recurring at every waking moment. The conditions of anxiety and depression are created due to the continuous presence of these scarring experiences.

As people are helped to bypass the linkages within the memory where these memories reside, the treatment of psychological issues is very quick. The need of long sessions of counseling and therapy is removed with the approaches that seek to access the exact location of the mental wounds so that they can be healed.

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