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Think about the situation of a company that companies and offers bed linens online. In bookkeeping, income from these completed products is said to be recognized at the time they may be delivered to the consumer, not at the time they may be produced or at the time orders are placed by clients.

Suppose that in 2009, comforters were manufactured. In January 2010, a consumer placed an order of these products. The products were delivered in February 2010. Just when was income recognized? The income is realized in February.

As you may surmise, in the situation of a company that sells services, instead of goods, income is acknowledged at the time the services are furnished or made rather than at the time it had been contracted.

Suppose that in January, Wall Remedies Unlimited contracts to set up valance board and window curtains to Mrs. Jones windows. The valance board and the curtains were set up in February. Mrs. Jones will pay the price in March. In what month would Wall Remedies Unlimited recognize income? Wall structure Remedies Unlimited would recognize revenue in February.

The fact that revenue is recognized at the time it really is recognized is known as the conclusion concept. This conclusion concept tells us when to recognize revenue.

Income is realized when a sale is consummated via the delivery of goods or services. Because of this, the term “sales” is sometimes used as a synonym for revenue, and often you will see the phrase “sales revenue.”

As in the case of costs, revenue may be acknowledged prior to, during or right after the period in which the connected cash receipt drops. To begin with, let us consider a case in which revenue is acknowledged in the same time period as that in which the connected improve of cash occurs.

Using the same instance previously mentioned, in January, Wall structure Treatments Unlimited set up valance table and curtains at Mrs. Williams house; Mrs. Jones will pay $100 cash. In maintaining with the dual factor idea, this transaction will have two results on the accounts of Wall Treatments Unlimited. It will alter both sides of the balance sheet – i.e., the resources and the equities.

This deal will affect the Cash item on the resource side of the Wall Therapy Unlimited balance page. That is, the following modifications would be produced: Cash increases by $100; Owner’s Value increases by $100.

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