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Even non-hunters can value the ageless, traditional look provided from deer antler chandeliers. These magnificent works of art look spectacular when exhibited in a home or cabin. If you want to know to get your hands on an antler chandelier, keep reading and I’ll let you know some of the best places to find antler chandeliers as well as methods you can make your personal.

If you don’t understand what a deer antler chandelier is, allow me to give you a fast description – essentially, they may be completely functional, ornamental chandeliers constructed utilizing deer antlers. Some people craft all of them with the antlers from whitetail deer, mule deer, elk as well as moose. It’s unidentified who the initially individual to art one was, but their recognition has rapidly distribute with individuals and cultures from all over the world now using them.

The great advantage of deer antler chandeliers is the unique, traditional they bring to a place. Antlers are one of the couple of items discovered in mother nature which are long lasting sufficient for use in projects and projects, such as chandeliers. There’s just something about the look and beauty of antlers that attracts people to them. Designing your cabin or home with antlers is an ideal way to add an unique touch of design to an or else dull area.

Where Can I Find Deer Antler Chandeliers?

Both companies and individuals create antler chandeliers, so you’ll have a few different choices available to purchase them from. Before I let you know in which, allow me to first say that you’re most likely not heading to find these chandeliers for sale in nearby stores. For no matter what the reason, most retail stores don’t carry this type of chandeliers. In fact, the only time I’ve observed them for sale in person is at a hunting and sports store.

You’re best choice is to appear online for antler chandelier dealers. There are many enthusiasts who invest many hours into mastering their chandeliers, after which they sell them online through their website or someone elses.

An additional place to appear for an antler chandelier is on Craigslist. I’ve seen dozens of magnificently designed pieces for sale at excellent prices listed here. The only real negative thing is that you’ll have to travel nearby to pick it up. However, this also indicates you wont have to shell out big dollars for shipping costs.

Of course you can also choose to art your personal for those who have the materials and data on how to do so. You can find step-by-step instructions online and wires packages marketed at most equipment stores. Even when it doesn’t come out ideal the first time, with a little bit of exercise, you’ll ultimately art the perfect chandelier.

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