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Concetta Chiarini has a broad set of interests that have helped to make her a well-rounded person. As a skilled vascular surgeon, Chiarini has become a well-established professional in the Brazilian medical community. As a world traveler, Concetta Chiarini has developed an increased awareness of international culture and grown an appreciation for people’s differences.

Brazil has many talented, breakthrough surgeons, though none are perhaps as skilled as Concetta Chiarini. Chiarini owns and operates an individual vascular surgery practice in Rio de Janeiro, where she continues to be honored and recognized by her medical peers for her sharp surgical skill. Concetta Chiarini is a member of the Brazil Medical Association and has been since 1993. She attended the Universidade de Brasília and earned her medical degree upon graduation from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1987. Chiarini enjoys nothing more than being a highly-valued and well-respected member of the Brazilian medical community.

Vascular surgery is Concetta Chiarini’s primary passion, though her interests are varied and numerous. She is a world traveler, and has experienced many parts of the world outside of Brazil. A visitor of Australia, the United States, China and India, Chiarini has had the opportunity to see and experience a vast array of international cultures, foods and lifestyles. Concetta Chiarini is originally an American-born citizen and her parents continue to reside in the U.S.

Chiarini operates her own surgical practice in Brazil. Concetta Chiarini has established herself as one of the premiere surgeons in all of Brazil, and is sought-after by patients from around the international community. She is a highly-independent and self-reliant individual which, she says, developed due to her upbringing as an only child. Concetta Chiarini adapts to new situations quickly and has used her independence to become a professional success in the medical field.

Concetta Chiarini remains single and child-free out of choice. Her decision to commit to a child-free life resulted from her need to focus on her career and keep an unabated in interest in her patients and surgery. As a result, Concetta Chiarini has risen to the top of her field.

Concetta Chiarini is an avid reader and enjoys reading classic literature. Some of her favorite books include The Emperor’s Children, The Awakening and Anna Karenina. Reading is one of Concetta Chiarini’s favorite hobbies and always has been. Concetta also enjoys cats and has three of her own. Chiarini has a Siamese, a tabby and a tortoise shell cat.

Concetta Chiarini

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