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Bearing in mind how important the data on your hard drive is; it is important to choose the right Data Recovery Company in order to ensure that your data, should the worst happen, is recovered to your satisfaction.

Some data recovery companies will specify that they have a success rate of a certain percentage and to that end they cannot guarantee that your data will be fully recovered – or indeed will be recovered beyond that percentage. And to this end they have an out because by telling you, the customer, that the recovery rate is 50% then to expect anything beyond 50% is to expect too much.

We believe that in asking for your data to be recovered you are asking us to recover it all and not just a portion of it. After all you wouldn’t ask to have the engine in your car replaced and only have certain parts replaced; it has to be all or nothing. And with this in mind when you perform a search online for Data Recovery Manchester you will have found us; and that is why you will be reading this now.

We don’t believe in half measures and likewise don’t believe that, as a computer user, you should either. We specialise in providing our clients – be they a company, a corporation, a government body, or an individual – with a 100% recovery solution or as near to 100% as is possible.

We have often been asked to recover data from hard drives and other storage devices that have ceased to function because of a problem with the firmware, a software conflict or because of a failure within the hardware itself. And to this end we pride ourselves on having recovered the data from equipment that many other data recovery companies have said was impossible to recover from. We never say no without checking things out thoroughly and with this in mind we offer our clients – new and old – the highest success rate in the Manchester area.

And to ensure you make the right choice we offer the following pointers.

1. Can the company give any guarantee above 50% recovery?
2. Does the company you have approached offer a timescale for recovery?
3. Can the company you approach offer you a detailed and all-in quotation before you proceed?
4. Can the company you have approached tell you they can provide you with a detailed file listing before proceeding with the recovery?
5. Does the company offer you the opportunity to decide to what media you can have your data recovered to?

We are confident that there is no other data recovery company in the Manchester area that can answer all of the aforementioned questions with a Yes and to that end we are confident that by contacting us you are making the best choice when it comes to ensuring your data is recovered to the highest professional standards using the most up-to-date methods coupled with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We may not be the first alphabetically but believe we are the first word in Data Recovery and believe that the word DATA (for us) means:

Dedicated to recovering your data.
Always ready to help answer your queries.
Totally focused on the highest standard of data recovery in the Manchester area.
Able to achieve what many other data recovery companies say they can’t.

And with this in mind we actively encourage you to contact us to find out how we can save the data that is precious to you. Our experts are waiting to hear from you via email or telephone and will be only too happy to field your questions.

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