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A car can be a costly affair and the idea of putting in a heavy amount at the outset is not very enthusing for a customer. Taking a vehicle on the basis of hire purchase will also mean a continuous stream of payments that have the factor of interest adding to the costs. It is a question that poses an existential dilemma for the customer. It is an essential requirement but one that poses a diminishing value from day one. When people are creating assets that provide returns continuously while the base value stays intact, this investment in an automobile represents a bad choice. An investment in a house can provide returns every year if rented out and the value of the investment stays secure if not rising. An investment in equities can be exited whenever the customer needs liquidity. With a car, the customer is all at sea with the valuation of the asset. There is no ticker that provides the value of cars on a streaming basis through the day. The value of the car is a very elusive concept for the customer who has no assurance on the returns that can be generated by a sale at short notice. Alleviating this situation for the customer who needs a car is the new method of putting a future price on the car at the very outset. In this contract, the customer is provided a value for the asset three years from the time of making the deal. There is no confusion or chance. The price has been fixed, that is, the price of the asset three years to the day from the day of the contract. Now, the customer needs to pay the difference between the present value and the future value, in monthly instalments. The deposit ranges from the equivalent of three to six monthly installments. The other costs and charges can be the equivalent of one to two of the monthly installments. They include an administration charge and a charge for documentation. Talking to a company that specializes in all models of car lease deals is sure to get a customer their preferred choice of automobile at their preferred terms and conditions.

Insurance needs to be taken to cover the probability of an accident and the resultant impinging on the structure of the contract. The insurance that covers the accident event will make a payout to the leasing company but the amount payable to the leasing company in the form of the remaining payments could be a bigger amount than the amount that is settled by the accident insurance. This amount would need to be settled by the customer out of their own funds. This risk and unpredictability can be overcome by taking out an insurance policy for the probable occurrence of a gap, so that all ends are tied up. The same scenario repeats itself in the case of a lease where the customer has kept open the option of purchasing the car at the end of the contract and has availed of smaller monthly payments. Here, the gap between the accident insurance and the remaining payment will be bigger, making it imperative to cover this gap.

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