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Veneers are nothing but an important tool that is generally used in restoring the chipped, broken or discolored teeth. This is a very important tool of a cosmetic dentist with which he can makeover a number of smiles to be beautiful.

About veneer

This is the thin layer that is placed on the teeth that is capable of transforming the appearance of the teeth. People with several kinds of endless teeth problems can undergo this treatment and become free of all the issues. This is a better treatment that gets completed just in two sitting and easily fills the gaps and protects the tooth’s surface.This treatment is the best way to correct several imperfections of the tooth. There are two types of treatments, porcelain and composite based on the problem and the patient’s interest a medical person will start the procedure.

The procedure last for two to three sitting where the doctor first examines your teeth by taking the x-ray of the teeth and decides when and how to continue. After diagnosing the problem, he starts with the procedure and it gets completed in one to three sitting.

• After fixing an appointment and getting a checkup with your dentist, he will finalise a day to get started with the procedure.
• First he prepares the veneers and to make them requires the thickness, shape and other details of the teeth including the measurements of your tooth surface.
• Along with some dental x-rays he takes the impressions of your teeth and mouth so that he can get started with the exact procedure.
• With the impressions and measurements he will get the models that are constructed in a dental laboratory.
• Before bonding your teeth permanently the doctor will first place a temporary one and examine whether it is of perfect color and shape.
• After checking them a dentist will remove and trim them till they get a perfect size and shape as they will transform your appeal he will take proper care of fitting them.

After fitting them permanently you need to get a checkup after a couple of weeks so that you will get an idea whether they are placed properly or not.


There are two types of materials that are generally used as a part of the treatment. The porcelain and composite veneers are used as per the demand and need of the patient. Porcelain one is nothing but placing the thin shells of porcelain on the front side of your teeth that improves your facial appearance. This is a time taking process than the composite one as they can be applied in a single visit. There is a need to discuss with your doctor regarding the material as after the treatment this cannot be removed.Both the treatments will offer a pleasant smile and drastically changes the appeal of the person. After the treatment, the new teeth will reflect the properties of the natural teeth and covers the discolored and broken teeth. So one should be very much careful in picking the type of material and follow all the precautions as per the dentist’s advice.

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