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Richard Obedian MD has built an impressive career for himself as one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the area. In fact, Richard Obedian MD spends each and every single day working with his patients to make sure that their bones are in the best possible health. However, Richard Obedian MD has noticed that many people are virtually clueless about what happens when a bone is broken.

If you have ever wondered about the treatment of broken bones, read on for more information from Richard Obedian MD.

Basic Breaks

Richard Obedian MD says that most broken bones actually require very little by way of medical treatment. In fact, Richard Obedian MD says that many minor fractures are simply splinted and the patient is instructed to limit their physical activity for a few weeks while it heals.

More Complex Problems

Although Richard Obedian MD is pleased to report that many fractures require only a splint and sensible rest, some broken bones require more complex treatments. For example, some broken bones require a plaster cast. Plaster casts, says Richard Obedian MD, are used to stabilize the injured area while it heals. These casts can be left on anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Other complexly broken bones may require surgery. If you have a broken bone that requires surgery, an orthopedic surgeon like Richard Obedian MD will have to operate and manually set the broken bone. Then, if your surgeon is anything like Richard Obedian MD, they will use stainless steel pins or bars to give the broken bone some additional support as it continues to heal.

These days, Richard Obedian MD says that the technology is good enough that people are not required to miss out on weeks or months of their lives in traction. However, some people may have bones that are broken so badly that they may require a hospital stay. During your stay in the hospital, an orthopedic surgeon like Richard Obedian MD will keep your body stabilized in traction.

Traction refers to a complex series of slings or other stabilizing devices that help your bones stay in the best possible position for healing. Although some people fear traction, Richard Obedian MD says that it is actually pretty painless.

Richard Obedian MD knows that a broken bone can be an incredibly painful thing to experience. However, if you have a great orthopedic surgeon like Richard Obedian MD, you and your bones will be well on their way to a quick and efficient healing process.

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