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For those who have gone through a traumatic condition the life is not easy. Moreover it is not normal. The people who have gone thorough it are most of the times, feeling low or depressed. Those going through these effects are very vulnerable as well. Anything and everything related to the event brings back the bad memories. These can be the date, or the image or the sound related to the event. It takes time to get over these. Speedy recovery can be brought about by correct diagnosis, treatment and self help.

Symptoms of trauma:-

The symptoms of trauma if seen at the proper time can be given the correct treatment. It is the responsibility of parents, brother, sisters, teachers, friends to look out for the symptoms after an individual has gone through a traumatic condition.

The symptoms are categorized into the following 2 types-

• Emotional symptoms- These symptoms are characterized with shocks, denial or disbelief in something. The individual suffering from a traumatic condition often show frequent mood swings, or anger even in normal conditions. These individuals blame themselves for no fault of theirs. They feel sad at all the time, in fact even in parties or functions they are found sitting somewhere alone, not enjoying the moment. They are also found in confusion.

• Physical symptoms- These symptoms are characterized with insomnia or bad dreams. Many times the individual is found not sleeping for many nights or getting up in the middle of night screaming or perspiring due to a nightmare. The pain does not go easier too, and even if it does the scars remain, not just reminding of the mishap but also making them relive it. These individuals are also tired most of the time.
So if you find any of your near or dear ones, struggling with these symptoms, go ahead and help them. You can take them to a psychologist like an EMDR technique expert. The EMDR Courses consists of interactive techniques designed to help individuals to come out of the traumatic conditions.

Helping to deal with trauma-

It will indeed be a good deed to help someone deal with a trauma condition. The following are the ways which will definitely aid in helping the individual:-

• Being understanding- This is very important to understand the mental state and hence the physical reaction of the person going through the disorder. You need to be patient to his condition. You must never be judgmental to their reaction on the normal acts.

• Communicate-Either listening or talking to these individuals will be a great help.

• Helping them to socialize- Those going through a trauma conditions are many a times not comfortable in socializing. If you are the friend it is your responsibility to help them. Though make sure not to pressurize them, but just be with them.

• Helping them find the right treatment- You can help the individual finding the right treatment, in consonance with his diagnosis. It may be a cognitive behavioral therapy or an EMDR Courses.

There is nothing better than helping someone to lead a normal life. So be that friend, that brother, that sister, that human!

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