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It’s very important to look around in order to get the best cheap car leasing. Like everything in life, things won’t always be what they appear to be in the first instance. You have to research plenty and be fully aware of what you’re paying for and signing.

Various lenders have multiple deals on specific cars, so finding the best car lease deal for you will require commitment and a little bit of time.

Before you dive straight into the dealerships’ claws, it is vital to consider exactly what car you want. This is the beauty of car lease deals; you will have the luxury of choosing exactly what it is you want. Whether it’s a certain model, brand, a specific colour or if you want something purely because of its built in sat-nav? Whatever it is that you want, if you decide before you go, the need to be shown various cars you’re really not interested in will happen.

When looking into your car lease it’s important to have a look on the internet. There are so many car lease websites that will introduce you to a vehicle, allowing you to add and remove various online in order create your perfect vehicle. Once you’ve created this, you will be offered a variation of financing options, this is where it gets serious.

You will of course be aware that the car will require a deposit. How much is entirely down to the dealer but usually, it can be around £100 minimum. This £100 along with a successful credit check with allow you to drive that car away however, the monthly costs with only this amount deposit will be considerably higher. It’s important to try and save as much money as possible prior to going into the dealership. If you want to drastically reduce your monthly payments I’d say have around £1000 to put down.

So what is included in a car lease Well actually, quite a lot! With the monthly payments you are paying for the car, tax, maintenance and servicing all in one go. You will save massive amounts of money by having everything all in one place.

A car lease is great for those that want to have a new car right away. It eradicates the need for saving massive amounts of money and you have the added security that your car is brand new, meaning that there will be less mechanical issues or worries.

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