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When it comes to being a leader, Elaine Jordan has a long history of success. She has served in numerous leadership roles during her high school and college careers, including coaching youth cheerleading, organizing volunteer events, serving as the president of various clubs, and peer mentoring – to name just a few. Elaine Jordan knows that leadership can be a difficult thing to master, so she has tips to share with individuals who are looking to improve their leadership skills.

Be as Clear as Possible

From her own experience, Elaine Jordan knows that leaders need to be clear with their style of communication and expectations. Leaders who are vague or give conflicting information do not garner the respect of their team, and can cause confusion. Elaine Jordan understands that clear communication helps a team to come together and tackle problems in a timely manner. Communicating clearly takes the guesswork out of working with a team.

Demonstrate Your Excitement

If you’re passionate about a project, then let your team know. Elaine Jordan knows that leaders who are excited about their work inspire the same feelings in their team members. Demonstrating excitement also boosts your team’s productivity, as people are more eager to work on projects that they enjoy. After all, nothing kills a team’s enthusiasm and work flow quite like an unmotivated leader.

Planning is Imperative

Planning ahead is an essential quality of a good leader. Elaine Jordan knows that leaders who plan ahead are less likely to become stressed about projects. Planning ahead also enables leaders to create detailed project plans, which streamline the work process and keep your team on task.

Be Open to Feedback

Elaine Jordan knows that effective leaders are open to receiving feedback from their team members. Leaders who don’t take constructive criticism into account are more likely to promote a negative working atmosphere, which can cause problems within the team. However, leaders that incorporate this feedback into their work demonstrate to their team that they’re willing to make changes.

Elaine Jordan knows that leadership is about trial and error. Some things will work, but others won’t. Fortunately, her tips help to reduce the amount of error that leaders make, and also promote the development of successful leadership skills. Elaine Jordan believes than anyone can be a leader with a little effort!

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