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A Hard Disk Drive or HDD is the brain of your computer and needs to get good management and be protected from physical damage. The latter part is not completely within our control but the former surely is.Storage that is entirely electronic in nature is the solid state device or SSD. A storage device that combines the two technologies is called a Hybrid Drive.

Hard Drives can get damaged due to a host of factors making it absolutely necessary to always have a backup of crucial data. Battery backup and power conditioning are essential to ensure uninterrupted handling of data. The precautions that need to be taken to secure data are authentication and authorisation, encryption/ decryption, firewalls and worm protection. Access to folders is implemented by authorization through the setting up of shared permissions.

Encryption is used to secure data when it is transferred over a network. This method of security can also be used to protect data that is stored in the hard drive. A file system represents a method to set space aside for files and the method to determine location of the file on the disk. The system makes a backup copy of the file allocation table. The table has information on the areas where data is stored, the information about the area where the data continues within the disk, empty areas in the disk. The operating system checks the numbering in the table to retrieve the required file. The areas are called clusters and their numbers have increased with the evolution of technology. Earlier, 12 bits were used to number them, increasing to 16 and eventually 32. If this file allocation table gets corrupted, the location of files cannot be identified and hence cannot be retrieved. This type of problem can be solved by approaching experts in Hard Drive Recovery .The data can be retrieved for most operating systems in the market. With a mechanical failure, the damage can be related to the moving mechanisms of the drive. The symptoms of the problem can be the detection of sounds, the presence of smoke or even a fire.

When a sound is encountered, the computer should be turned off and must not be powered again. Most manufacturers of hard drives provide software that can be used to recover lost data. However, these solutions are useful only if the origin of the problem is logical i.e. corruption of the file allocation table. When the drive is given to an expert, the process of recovery begins in sterile environments and can take anything from a few hours to a couple of days. As contamination can harm the data, it is imperative that the drive should not be opened by the users.Firms with extensive experience can recover data from Macs and PCs. Some companies have many branches across the country. The damaged drive can be mailed to the nearest branch. The company diagnoses the problem and provides a quote. After the recovery is done, the Disk is mailed back to the customer.

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