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Jayne Lessard is a highly distinguished therapist that specializes in family and marriage counseling. This past year Jayne Lessard celebrated 32 years working in the counseling field. Since 1989, Jayne Lessard has had her own private practice and is constantly invited to speak at various seminars because of her advanced knowledge of the field. Jayne Lessard has a counseling style that is relatively direct and employs techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic theory, and interpersonal theory. In addition to her practice, Jayne Lessard always finds time to serve around her community and offers free counseling to missionaries and those working in ministry. Jayne Lessard is also a dedicated wife and mother to two children. As a leading professional with a family, Jayne Lessard is aware that finding a healthy work/life balance is a difficult task. Here she offers tips on how to find a happy medium between the two areas.

  • Create free time in your schedule. Jayne Lessard notes that the most important aspect of finding a happy work/life balance is to schedule your time out accordingly. When you plan your week, ensure to schedule adequate time with your family and friends. Jayne Lessard also recommends including activities that will help you recharge. It is easy to get bogged down with a busy workload; however, if you take time for yourself, you will feel less overwhelmed and ready to tackle the workweek.
  • Eliminate activities that take away time and energy. Jayne Lessard states that if you are involved with activities or people that add no value to your life—walk away. It is not to say one should leave every person and activity that is not helping you personally; however, if your personal or professional life is being negatively affected it is okay to minimize your time dedicated to that area or individual.
  • A little goes a long way. Jayne Lessard recommends slowly integrating more enjoyable activities into your schedule. Even during a busy day, 10 to 15 minutes or relaxation will help recharge your mind and energy. Jayne Lessard encourages her clients to find a hobby or sport they can enjoy and then engage in it a couple times during the week.
  • Leave work at work. Most importantly, Jayne Lessard believes it is crucial to leave work at the workplace. We live in a world that is equipped with technology that allows work to follow us everywhere, but we need to set boundaries. Jayne Lessard states that in order to accomplish a healthy work/life balance you must separate your work time from your personal time without hesitation.



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