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Teeth are one of the focal points on our face. Coming in second to the eyes, your teeth are probably what people will look at and judge to get a sense of who you are. Unfortunately, teeth can reflect a number of things – whether we smoke, if we have a good diet, how good our personal hygiene is, and whether we look after ourselves properly or not.

So if you (for whatever reason) have teeth that you don’t feel entirely comfortable with, what can you do to take better care of them?

1) Brush twice – three times daily
Brushing is so important because it removes the daily dirt and plaque from the teeth and gum lines. When we don’t brush, we can feel the leftover food/dirt on our teeth if we run over them with our tongues, which isn’t a pleasant experience.

2) Eat less sugar
Sugar is known for its ability to rot your teeth. Why do you think dentists love Halloween so much? They know that kids will be creating cavities with all those sweets they’ll be gorging on. Sugar is okay in small proportions, but you should avoid eating too much chocolate, sweets, and other sugary snacks. Beware of hidden sugars like those in fizzy drinks and when you put sugar in your tea or coffee.

3) Watch out for acidic fruits
Although good for you by being high in vitamins and low in fat, some fruits like oranges have a high acidity level, which can wear away at the enamel on your teeth. Once enamel is gone, you can’t grow more so avoid drinking too much fruit juice and stick to fewer acidic fruits – everything in moderation.

4) Have some dental work
Some teeth are damaged beyond repair and therefore need cosmetic dentistry to get them looking healthier again. Whether this is through dental implants, teeth straightening treatments, or porcelain veneers , your teeth could look amazing in no time.

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