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Whatever the size or nature of your company, having a website is always advantageous for many different reasons but most of them point to your constant need to be where the people look. These days, it’s the Internet. However, it’s not enough that you do have a site. You also have to make it as traffic-attractive as possible because that’s the only way a web site helps.

Getting your website to work can mean a lot of things but all will still basically boil down to st louis website design and how it affects search engine optimization. Besides, the advantages offered by an online presence are incomparable to what anyone can achieve using more traditional media. Thus, when putting up a web site, you need to get serious about its design.

A good st louis web design companies will not rest on the homepage, although this part will definitely make lasting impressions. We’re not simply talking about visual design here. A homepage must instantly reflect easy navigability of the site, which means people must not have to look so far and wide just to find a link to click for whatever information they need.

The physical structure of your site is something that will need you to invest a lot of your time and effort in. However, again, it’s not enough that you have an impressionable website. Now you need to make people aware that such a site exists and that it represents your company or business. Somewhere around this part, the principles of search engine optimization come to play.

SEO is, of course, is anything that makes your web page land on the front page of SERP’s (search engine results pages). If you thought this was the discretion of the search engine’s algorithms, you were probably right. But you will still always have a hand in influencing how these algorithms index a page. In other words, yes, you can work your way up the SERP’s if you adhere to time-tested SEO rules. And while it may appear to be complex, getting a good search ranking is all a matter of two things – content and keywords

Content is, of course, information you put in your site and for it to be good, it must we well-written, factual, relevant to the times and fresh. Since search engines index pages electronically, there’s no reliable way for them to detect good content based on these requirements except for freshness. Thus, Internet users will be the final arbiters of judging the quality of a web page’ content. When it’s good, more people end up reading it which translates to more traffic and more links. This is the part where search engines pick up the cues.

On the other hand, keywords are words singled out by search engines for the high volume of searches made on relevant products or services relevant to them. This means that when people run a search on one keyword, web pages containing that keyword will turn up in the SERP’s. However, since there could be many pages in the search engine’s database that will contain that keyword, the site owner must be able to put keywords in strategic places in his content. Although this is still no guarantee that a web page will get a good SERP ranking, it will improve its chances, along with other factors such as backlinking and content.

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