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Our bests are a place to rest our heads at the end of a long day at work and dashing about, they are a place we spend on average one third of our lives in and so it is clearly a very important product we need to buy. A lot of people will tend to buy beds based on how many people will sleep in them, with them being a single bed for one person and a double or larger for two people.

This used to be the recommended way of selecting a mattress and bed in general but as more research has proven we move about in our sleep then we should be now looking at not only accommodating one or two people but one or two people’s worth of moving space as well. Double beds are considered as the minimum for a grown adult these days and unless space inside the bedroom is limited then it can be the better option.

King size beds or queen sized beds are the more preferred choice for couples as they have plenty of room which means that not only do they have more room to move but one person moving is not going to disturb the other person. Newer spring based and memory foam mattresses make it more comfortable and peaceful than the older single coil sprung mattresses that if one person moved to get comfortable they ran the risk of shaking or disturbing the other person.

Fortunately these days our beds are better made and can accommodate two people as if they were in separate beds so no matter how much one person moves about, the other remains deep in slumber.

There are other reasons you should choose Double beds as standard even for single occupant beds, firstly there is a wider variety of bed frames to choose from in the double beds category compared to the single beds range, so you should be able to choose form a wider range of styles and materials for your bed. Secondly it gives you greater ability to sleep more guests in your home, rather than having a single bed in your spare room and having to rely on camp beds, air beds or any other last minute measure then your double bed can sleep two guests at once.

Double beds are quickly becoming the standard when it comes to choosing beds and if you have the room whether it is for your family bedrooms or a guest bedroom then a double bed or larger would offer you much more choice.

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