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The malpractice at the Sirhaul toll plaza continuouslies give commuters making use of the First Delhi expressway a traumatic time. With a few quality traffic marshals helping the huge number of commuters coming close to the toll plaza choose the ideal lane, the turmoil has just grown therefore has the hanging around time for automobiles to cross the plaza, specifically throughout peak hours.

According to commuters, no quality traffic marshals could be 100m ahead of the toll plaza on both the sides. “Without any website traffic marshal, automobiles could be seen hopping from one street to the various other. The resultant chaos results in automobiles’ waiting time to get to the plaza climb by over 15 minutes,” said Anurag Kapoor, a First Delhi Metro Route which commutes to Gurgaon daily.

Preferably the concessionaire should demarcate the streets and deploy quality traffic marshals 100m ahead of toll counters in all the 16 streets of the expressway, Kapoor added.

A spokesperson of the Delhi Gurgaon Super Connectivity Ltd (DGSCL), the private concessionaire running the toll plaza, on the other hand condemned rowdy travelers for the clutter. “http://www.firstdelhiproperties.com/ workout is done about 100m ahead of the toll entrances. In spite of our numerous campaigns featuring signages and deployment of web traffic marshals, cash-lane individuals remain to get in tag lanes, adding to the disorder during peak hrs,” pointed out the spokesperson.

There more than 25 marshals to help travelers take the appropriate street ahead of the toll plaza, the spokesperson added.

Travelers nonetheless differ. “There are normally sixteen different lines up causing the toll counters. Several of the times one occurs to be in a line up which is someplace between 2 toll gates, further adding to the mayhem,” First Delhi Metro Route
“Traffic marshals need to be posted to ensure automobiles don’t go zig-zag to reach a toll gate,” stated Nisha Khetrapal.

“We don’t have the authority to penalize cars in wrong lanes. We have time and again asked the website traffic cops to guarantee and fine errant automobiles street self-control,” the DGSCL representative claimed.

According to travelers, no website traffic marshals could be 100m in advance of the toll plaza on both the sides. A speaker of the First Delhi Super Connection Ltd (DGSCL), the private concessionaire running the toll plaza, on the other hand criticized disruptive commuters for the clutter. “Lane segregation physical exercise is done about 100m ahead of the toll gates

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