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Consultants on alternative energies have predicted that shifting from an economy reigned by petroleum fuels to an economy based on alternative fuels will not be that easy. Even so, the amounts of novel technologies that are constantly changing have had a definite impact so far on how we perceive economy to be. For instance, take the example of Germany who gets ten percent of the total amount of energy from wind turbines, solar arrays and other innovative technologies that other states might envy.

More and more corporations are appearing after having received incentive from business gas both government and other institutions to be exempted from tax breaks and incentives; the alternative energy drive has garnered a lot of supporters throughout the time and thus, it could even become a wider scale movement. We now need to focus our needs on becoming as much energy efficient as possible because this is how alternative energies will stand a chance against traditional fuels.

Consultants who specialize in alternative energy resources have also pointed out the fact that a lot of growing effort is required so that we can make the idea of switching completely too alternative energies a reality. This at the time is almost too expensive and one can even argue that using fossil fuels on an increased basis only makes the matters worse. The environment is polluted, the atmosphere gets more and more inappropriate for living and thus, a general feeling of disaster is perpetuated. Therefore, it would be best to find a way to be ninety percent independent from fossil fuels. This can be done by reducing that thirst for oil and finding some way to minimize the consumption in order to increase the consumption for alternative energies.

An issue that pertains to this transition would be, according to consultant that oil prices and business gas suppliers rising gas prices induce a larger amount of money in the economy, and thus one can benefit from this stimulation of the economy. Also, the analysts believe that because of the financial prowess of multinational companies, these companies are able to hire staggering numbers of staff and contractors and thus, enjoy from a lot of mobility on the market, especially on Wall Street. The green energy is not seen as green after all, because it doesn’t help stimulate too much the economy. The green energy is not that marketplace friendly meaning that one needs to make it more attractive and appealing to investors if we want to really dominate the market with the green revolution.

Therefore, it is imperative that governments move in and do something so that other companies, not just multinational ones, can benefit from this stimulation. There is a lot of resistance going on at the moment in the economy and thus, economists and consultants have pointed out to the fact that we need to already possess the weapons with which we can revigorate an ailing economy and not just expect it to run smoothly from the very beginning.

It has become extremely important for big nations across the whole world, such as the US, Western business gas prices to be able to concentrate their efforts into doing what they are expected to. Fossil fuel dependence is a thing that needs to be carefully considered and poorer and less powerful nations also need to get involved into this movement as much as they can if they want to achieve the required levels of energy . When they will be fully capable of making their energy consumption smaller and more efficient, then they will be able to overcome difficulties and make sure they don’t lag up behind larger and more powerful countries in an infinite way.

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