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goptionspartners.com Review:

I have done a lot of reading on GOptions Affiliates Review recently over the last weeks or so.
Even when i google them i find few people that upset with them, but I want to share my experience.
I run one of the top binary options broker review sites and have a lot of contacts that certainly agree with me too.

goptions.com affiliate program reverses my Ftd’s like crazy! Of 35 Ftd’s now 22 have been reversed.
I can pretty much count on all my sales or 85% of them getting voided.
Something is certainly going on with their affiliate program.
Their competing binary options brokers never do this to me and I really felt let down once I started bringing them Ftd’s.

I have contacted them over and over again and just get a long list of reasons why my Ftd’s were reversed. See below for a list of excuses:

ID Action_ID Reason
1237819212 305338 – not logged into their account
1235398650 305338 – wrong details
1234247584 305338 – wrong number
1232867702 305338 – false information
1245600031 305338 – low trade value
1228006964 305338 – bounced email
1215624575 305338 – no trading
1245612533 305338 – no second deposit

I know they are a very small company, but think about it if they are doing this to me and everyone else they are seriously committing fraud.

I have contacted them 4 times over the last two week and asked for someone to just call me so we can figure out is going on.
They will not answer my questions or contact me at all (except through their support ticket).

Learn from me and promote binary options that actually pays you NOT goptions.com affiliate program.

Stay away from this scam company !!!!!!! goptionspartners.com scam.

goptionspartners.com Review is a broker not to be trusted.

goptions.com – Unregulated – Be careful.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned ‘broker’ is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a scam operation.

Please do not promote goptions partners :
you will never get paid. Sooner or later, they will be investigated by the IC3 and other governmental agencies in the US and Europe.

goptions partners scam, goptions partners review.

David Anderson

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