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Military challenge coins tend to be of the most reproduced militaria related items on the market. This may be due to their increasing popularity. Besides military organizations, they are also used by groups not specifically associated with the military. These include police and fire departments, church and scout organizations.

The coin’s popularity can be attributed to the meaning of the it. It is purpose is to generate and promote unity and morality within the organization. The person receiving the coin considers it a great honor to be part of the group and the coin is something they can keep for the remainder of their lives and even pass it on to their future descendants.

Why receive a custom military challenge coin?

Organization uniqueness

In lieu of getting the same type of coin from a manufacturer that mass produces them, you generate the design that reflects the uniqueness of your organization.

The individuals within the organization will feel honored to part of this matchless group and know that the coin was only issued to them.

Organization identity

There’s thousands of organizations that exist in society so it is hard to distinguish what is different about them. A custom coin helps cement the identity of your group because it is a symbol of high quality and deep history. It is a something substantial (metal) that your members will be proud to wear and display to others.

If your organization has existed for several decades the members will be proud of its history. A custom made military challenge coin captures that deep history

Organization history

Organization reputation

and helps solidify it. Owning the coin will make them feel they are an element of this history and require to contribute to it.


The reputation of an individual usually stems from the character he’s built for lots of years. A lovely character will enhance a person’s reputation. This is applicable to organizations as well. Your organization’s reputation is created by the character of the individuals within it. A custom coin will help acknowledge and honor the individuals within the group and preserve its reputation far in to the future.

Making a custom military challenge coin will help distinguish your organization from those that purchase cheap mass-produced coins. Each member of your group will be proud to own because they know it is distinctive coin that symbolizes integrity, unity, fellowship, and benevolence.


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