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A year back I was looking for a way to make additional cash(like most people) just to lighten up the weight of bills I get month-to-month, purchase household goods, or just to buy my woman something nice.

Lengthy story short, I didn’t have a college degree or a rich family member to borrow money from, so of course naturally I went to Google. I saw several fascinating articles but one stood out “Project Payday”. So my concern initially is just how do I know that this isn’t a scam and “Does Project Payday Work”?

Hesitantly I click on it and choose to investigate more into the site. Surely enough, its seems like a great way to make some extra money. The Preliminary sales pitch is with the apparently Average Joe discovers his online monetary relief (Exactly what I’m looking for).

While this is not fake it is somewhat stretching the truth. Here’s how it works; incentivized free stuff websites are willing to pay or compensate people to get a second person to complete test offers (good examples: Netflix, GameStop, as well as others).

I signed up as the person who completes the provides initially. I experienced one goal in mind try to sign up for as many free offers as possible initially, then find the offers with the most factors and the lowest price following.

The goal is to get a certain amount of points from registering to the different provides and once you had sufficient factors you could go green. Going green indicates now you’re in place to get paid or get your free gift.

Up to now so good. Seems easy sufficient, correct? Properly, here’s where it starts to get tricky becoming the person that fills out the offers for residuals; you will find only a couple of offers at affordable cost and even less free options.

Do you now find out how this could be a problem? So after you’ve completed the provides and gotten compensated a few times the online income from Project Payday dries out up unless of course you start to move up to the person who gets compensated directly from the incentivized freebie web sites.

Even then I would not anticipate more than a couple 100 bucks monthly. In the discussion boards you visit from Project Payday you will find hundreds of people with referrals searching to get you to fill out provides for them but maybe only 15-20 of them can actually do this full-time for a residing.

If you only need some extra cash here and there for a while project payday may work for you. That is, if you can cope with the head aches of stressing about cancelled provides prior to the trial period finishes and handing out credit card information to many sites.

For me it was just excessive of a trouble. Particularly for this kind of a small income and no long term income. There are significantly more advantageous and financially satisfying methods to make an income online. If you are searching for a career online then you definitely may want to consider other avenues of online success, but that’s an additional article.

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