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One of the funniest things about computers is the way in which people personalise them. Here is a guide to the different computer personas…

1) The ‘desktop’ lover

No, this doesn’t mean making love on top of your desk. It represents the people who treat their desktop like a personal display cabinet. Every single document, programme, and download will be featured as a ‘shortcut’ on their desktop. Ironically, these shortcuts become lengthy hunting sessions because the huge display of documents takes too long to search through.

2) The Hard Drive Recovery Core Neat and Tidy

The desktop on their computer will mirror their actual desk. It will be spotless with only the bare necessities on display. Everything else will be neatly stored in its appropriate folder for easy navigation and maximum efficiency.

3) The ‘whatever man’

Who cares where it’s saved when you have a computer finder installed? This person may be easy like Sunday morning but they’ll have one hell of a job finding everything again should the computer malfunction. Luckily, that’s what hard drive Data Recovery professionals are for!

4) The Accessories freak

This hasn’t got so much to do with the running of the computer, but rather the presentation. The accessories freak can thrive absolutely anywhere be it at home or at the office. They will find ways to make a computer look absolutely awful and can always make it worse when you think they could sink no lower. Picture fluffy screen covers, glittery mouse mats, a diamante mouse, and stickers wherever stickers may be placed. Eugh.

5) The ‘no tab closed’ person

This person is confusing because they believe in organisation but never remember to close their unwanted tabs. When it comes to closing down, it takes them about 10 minutes because they are shamefully routing through tabs, trying to work out why they were even opened in the first place and whether they need to be bookmarked.

So there you have it, 5 personas that could be YOU.

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