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Budgeting doesn’t come easily to everyone, many people face real difficulty when trying to save money each month. If you’re one of those people, here are some tips designed especially for YOU…

1) Change your supermarket
Supermarkets tend to vary in prices. If you feel that you’re spending a bit too much on your weekly shop then try somewhere different and see if it makes a difference.

2) Make do and mend
Don’t buy new clothes just because a button breaks off or a small hole appears – that’s what sewing kits are for!

3) Buy cheaper drinks
If you’re going out with friends at the weekend, opt for the cheaper drinks instead of expensive double shots of spirits. You’ll be able to get more for your money!

4) Look in charity shops
Charity shops are ‘in vogue’ right now – they stock some pretty good stuff too! If you need a new bag or some toys for the kids, don’t blow your budget on brand new things. See if you can buy second hand first! The same goes for buying on online marketplaces, where you can always pick up a bargain!

5) Have options available
Think ahead for emergency options. If you’re really strapped for cash and need to pay a bill or something of a similar nature you can always take out Log book loans because they are credit check-free and give you money almost instantly. All you need is your vehicle logbook to secure one!

6) Drive less often
If you can walk, you should. It’s free and good for you – plus if you have kids it gets them outside and teaches them about the benefits of walking instead of driving.

Budgeting might be difficult at first but the more you focus on it, the easier it will become. Soon you’ll have more money and better knowledge of saving!

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