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Having a good posture is always good to our health and is very useful for accomplishing effective work. The spine is located on our back and it is usually the one that bears weight. Therefore, it is very important to develop good posture because back pain and muscle strain can occur if we do not practice it. If there is pain, normally our work gets very much affected.

However, people who are already experiencing bad posture since they were young are advised to have a back brace for posture correction. Different kinds of braces that focus on the various aspects of our back are available for sale. In choosing which brace to be used, we need to consider certain conditions, whether we use it just for support, for posture improvement or for pain relief.

1. Shoulder back posture support – This is designed to relax the shoulder muscle while keeping it upright. Usually our shoulder slouches off together with our back when we are sitting for longer hours. Its major focus is the shoulder region and upper back. This brace can aid in breathing and will realign the spine. It can prevent lower back pain and muscle strain. This can be used comfortably whether you are sitting, working out or doing certain activities. This is also very useful to those with shoulder and arm immobility.

2. Posture Aid Clavicle Splint – This retains muscle that helps in posture improvement. It is a figure 8 support that lessens and prevents chronic pain. It has padded straps for your shoulders and is easy to customize because of its Velcro bands. It pulls back shoulder and can be worn under or over your clothes.

3. Saunders Posture Support – This one is anchored on your waist and eliminates shoulder bent that leads to a good alignment of the spine. It lessens pain on the back and shoulders because of its criss-cross straps that pull the lower back, spine and shoulder gently in a neutral and proper position. It focuses on the shoulders and on your full back.

4. ProLite lo Plus Lumbar Support – This focuses on the lumbar region and keeps it stabilized. This helps relieve pain caused by spine sprain, lumbar or muscle strain or cramps. It has tapered panels that follows and fits the body contours resulting to its proper stability.

The kind of posture we have is an important aspect of our lives. We always need to maintain proper bearing so that we don’t need to spend much money buying back brace for posture alignment.

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