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When taking a look at your net promotion and ways to improve your london seo expert , thinking about the idea of adding a mini site to support your main site is a useful approach.

Mini sites are independent sites that are used as extensions of your main site. These sites may target a specific large product or service that your company offers alongside your main service.

Look at your net site and ask yourself if it fully supports all the aspects that you need to perform well for because of your site. Does your site perform well for all of your main keywords or do you have some distributed on your sub-pages that are competitive and are possibly not doing so well?

An example of this is a builder’s site that also offered the services carried out by a chartered surveyor. Both of these industries and the main keywords such as “builders London” and ” london seo experts are both competitive in the world of SEO.

Because of this, they would both benefit from being the main keyword on the home page and in the title tags and meta knowledge to have an excellent chance at getting to that page one position and to get a lovely conversion rate.

A different way to view this is that if the site was successful at getting all these keywords acting on page one whilst all being within site, would the strength of the home page be lovely next to the competitors whose sites would most likely be targeting or the other of these main keywords?

Other benefits of mini site SEO is that you generate another location on which you can build strong SEO back-links pointing from each site to the other. In the event you have sites which have achieved lovely page ranks these links will be viewed by the search engines as quality links which will directly help your sites to perform better in the search engine rankings.

This is where the mini site comes in. By having a dedicated mini site for the more secondary side of the business will give this side additional strength and help it to perform in the best feasible way bringing your business a higher rate of conversions from the net. As each site is specific for each aspect of the business it will make your net promotion more focused and net site visitors will reply better to finding sites targeted to exactly what they are looking for.

Ensuring that your new site has an independent domain name and is registered under a different IP address and is not an extension of the original page is essential to be sure this link supporting method works to your benefit.

When carrying out an audit on your SEO as your business develops the idea of mini sites to help your SEO ought to be thought about to be sure your net promotion is working at its best.

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