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This year, I decided that it was time for me to move home. My husband and I wanted to start a family and our tiny buy my house wasn’t nearly big enough for a baby let alone a family. We inherited the house from my grandmother but the house needed so much work that we couldn’t afford to do it up and simply made do with what we had (another reason why we wanted to move on, we couldn’t bring a child into an unsafe home).

Thankfully, we managed to secure a buy my house on a home we wanted to buy so we put our house on the market, thinking (a bit naively) that it would be snapped up by a property developer or young couple with some money to spare for improvements. We were wrong. My husband and I were bitterly disappointed when hadn’t received a single offer after a couple of months and were starting to consider withdrawing our offer on our potential new home.

A few more weeks went by and I still couldn’t find anyone to buy my house. Eventually, we were contacted by the owners of our buy my house, who said that they were getting tired of waiting for us and would put the house back on the market if nothing moved on. We panicked and started to think of a simple solution. A friend of ours told us to sell to a property buying company, who could have the sale completed within a matter of weeks. We jumped at the chance and were pleasantly surprised at the offer they gave us.

With the help of this property buying company, our house was sold and paid for within a few weeks and we are now comfortably settled in our new home and ready to start a family!

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