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It started about six years ago when I entered one of these free online competitions on a weblog website that I experienced subscribed to. This was not a very popular site. In fact, I cannot even remember its name. Entering the contest was easy. All I experienced to do was enter and post my e-mail address for a chance to win $100. So I did just that. I had no hopes of winning. And I never pondered whether I would win. About a month or so following I entered the competition, I received an e-mail from the blog website stating that I was the winner. I was requested to supply the my PayPal e-mail address. Within the exact same week, $100 USD was credited to my account.

About Free Online Competitions

Many weblogs host contests with small prizes primarily to acquire website traffic. The free online competitions also provide as a way for the blog websites to build an email list of people who’re interested in their specific niche. After you have submitted your e-mail deal with in contests, you’ve also opted in to receive additional information from that website about products and services they have to provide. Because the competitions are targeted to a particular market, the competition host has an idea of the products and services that the entrants would have an interest in. A targeted e-mail list greatly increases the chances of making a sale.

How did I win?

It took some time, but I figured out why I was able to win the competition. The primary reason for winning was low participation. This competition did not have a large number of participants which significantly increased my chance of winning. I was only 1 in about a 1,000 as opposed to 1 in 50,000. Which made all the distinction. I recognized that the number one rule to greatly improve the chance of winning free online competitions was to enter those competitions that experienced less participants.

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