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Heidi Kenny Berman is a huge animal lover. Because of this, Heidi Kenny Berman has always been an advocate for reaching out and helping animals any way that you can. One of the ways that Heidi Kenny Berman has helped support animals in the past was by serving on the Board of Directors for the Baltimore County Humane Society from 2009-2010. Heidi Kenny Berman wants to encourage others to also work to help animals in their area. With the following advice from Heidi Kenny Berman, you can also help animals in your community.

1. Join Your Local Humane Society

One of the best ways to help animals locally is to volunteer at your local animal shelter. Heidi Kenny Berman did this by serving on the Board of Directors. However, there are a number of ways to get involved in your local animal shelter. You could volunteer your time or your resources, which help provide animals with food, shelter, medications, and more. Another way to help out, suggests Heidi Kenny Berman, is to develop a business partnership with your local humane society by collecting donations or leading another type of fundraising campaign.

2. Volunteer at a Shelter

Another excellent way to help animals is to volunteer at your local animal shelter. As Heidi Kenny Berman knows, animal shelters are constantly in need of more volunteers. Volunteers help animal shelters by staffing the building, cleaning, feeding and medicating the animals, helping potential adoptive parents find a pet, and more. By taking the time to volunteer at an animal shelter, you will truly be doing a great service to the animals.

3. Help Out With Fundraising Events

In addition to directly volunteering, you can also help animals by aiding with fundraising events. Heidi Kenny Berman understands that money is a huge factor in rescuing more animals, keeping them alive, and finding them a home. Because of this, it is imperative that those who want to help animals do so by leading fundraising events. Heidi Kenny Berman suggests volunteering to help on a fundraising committee.

4. Adopt an Animal

Finally, if you are able, adopting an animal is the best way to directly save an animal’s life. Heidi Kenny Berman knows that there are millions of homeless animals across the U.S. due to massive overpopulation. While not everyone is able to adopt, Heidi Kenny Berman urges those who can to find a companion animal to which they can give a loving home.

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