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Keeping your eyes healthy is an important part of caring for your body. Dr. David Soltanpour, a board-certified ophthalmologist, has 15 years of experience helping patients achieve optimal eye health. In Dr. David Soltanpour’s experience, medical problems concerning the eyes can lead to long-term disability and loss of vision if not corrected. Listed here are Dr. David Soltanpour’s top four tips for keeping your eyes healthy.

  • Get regular eye exams. According to Dr. David Soltanpour, the most important step in ensuring healthy eyesight is having regular eye exams. While younger individuals may be able to get by with a dilated eye exam every two years, older individuals or those with chronic health problems should have a dilated eye exam every year. In Dr. David Soltanpour’s twenty years of practice, he has seen many individuals who have neglected their eye health. In order to prevent long-term disability, it is important to have regular eye exams.
  • Eat healthy foods. Another part of maintaining your eye health, according to Dr. David Soltanpour, is eating healthy foods. While the recommendation to eat healthy foods is not new, there are some foods which may help prevent diseases in the eye and improve eyesight. Foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as green leafy vegetables, carrots, and fish, can help ward off diseases of the eye.
  • Protect your eyes. In addition to having regular eye exams and eating healthy foods, another great way to keep your eyes healthy is to protect them from damage. Dr. David Soltanpour recommends always wearing sunglasses when outside in order to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. In addition, when swimming or playing sports, Dr. David Soltanpour reminds readers that it is important to wear protective eyewear in order to protect this sensitive area.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits. In Dr. David Soltanpour’s 15 of practice, he has unfortunately seen many individuals who engage in unhealthy habits. Unhealthy habits, such as smoking, can negatively affect your eyesight. Avoiding unhealthy habits, and Dr. David Soltanpour’s experience, has been one of the best ways to preserve eye health.

Following these four simple steps can help ensure that your eyes will remain healthy for as long as possible. Dr. David Soltanpour reminds those concerned about their eye health that other chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, can also significantly contribute to poor eye health. Dr. David Soltanpour recommends living a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid chronic illness and preserve eye health.


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