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Collectable pipes can also be generally found at local online auctions from country and deceased estates and, like ashtrays, they were often provided as gifts or special honors and more often maintained and cherished than utilized or thrown away.

Pipes had been made from a variety of materials, some short lived and simply broken and made from inferior clay, or expensively designed from ivory or uncommon woods and embellished with silver and porcelain. The second option signify the highest profit potential.

Carved timber and ivory dishes fetch the highest prices particularly with famous encounters (a dish with portrait of Napoleon fetched ?400 at a sale in Newcastle final month), and many extremely highly valued of each one is lengthy stemmed pipes, up to fifteen or 16 in . long with elaborate etched dishes sometimes adorned with silver and precious gems.

eBay.com’s recent high prices consist of:

* $3075.00 was compensated for a Lars Ivarsson Pipe

* A large Dunhill pipe fetched $1875.00

* A Dunhill White Spot Briar Pipe and Situation fetched $954.81

* An Ivarsson Pipe, Container with Bamboo, made $860.00

* A Meerschaum pipe carved with deal with of a mountain peak synthetic $661.00

I won’t go additional because in just a few minutes I seen the following trends:

* Pipes represent one of those collectables that get high prices and seldom go unsold on eBay.

* Names like Dunhill and Ivarsson are among the highest achievers of all on ebay.com as well as other eBay websites.

Meerschaum pipes are also extremely collectable, meerschaum being the material from which the pipes are made. Meerschaum is better known as the mineral magnesium silicate, a permeable nutrient found in rock blood vessels.

Pipes made from meerschaum soak up nicotine and steadily grow darker. The much better types are elaborately etched to signify people or animals. The more intricate the design, the higher the price is likely to be, such as a pipe showing an elephant’s head with lengthy winding trunk area and tusks that a number of years ago fetched ?1,000 at Christie’s in the United kingdom, and a cheroot holder (not exactly a pipe) in the shape of two ladies seated on a snake that fetched almost 15 hundred pounds at Sotheby’s

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