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In the last edition of this article, we looked at ways to save money through Cheap car leasing instead of buying flashy, expensive cars. We also looked at buying cheaper hot drinks (which we all know will probably go unnoticed anyway), and wasting less paper.

So here are a few more ways to save money when you’re business has just started or is struggling…

1) Only hire the staff you really need

If you can get on without a receptionist, don’t hire one. If you can hire certain people to work from home so you don’t need as big an office, do it. It’s all about working around your budget and if your budget says ‘you can’t afford this, find a different solution’ then you might not have any choice.

2) Energy wastage

Make sure all employees know to turn off taps, turn lights off when they leave, and keep heaters on only during the day time and not to leave them on overnight. Energy wastage is a big problem in offices and can cause a lot of extra expense for business owners. If you own a business, ensure that all heaters and lights are turned off before you go home.

3) Open Windows

When the weather gets hot during the summer time, you don’t always need to turn on the air conditioner. For starters, air conditioning can create coughs, colds, and viruses around the office, so you might lose employees’ ability to work for a day or two. Secondly, fresh air is much better for the concentration aspect of the working day. Employees can cool down naturally and get some fresh air into their lungs, and not recycled office air.

So if you want to save money around your office and improve workers’ health, follow these steps and you’ll be a wealthier, healthier company!

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