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Here is a list of the things that claim to be affordable but totally aren’t.
1) Cars
How frustrating is it when car adverts put things like ‘only £5,995’ – like that’s cheap!? Have the people who create these adverts seen what the current economic situation is like? There are people across the country practically starving because they don’t get a decent wage and there are car companies out there making out like five grand isn’t a big deal. Cars are not easily affordable so I suggest you buy pre-used or secure some Vehicle finance instead!
2) Pizza
Who ever said that pizza was the ultimate student meal was SO wrong. Has anyone actually seen the prices that certain companies (naming no names, but the main culprit rhymes with NOMIDOES) charge? It’s extortionate and they should be giving you a solid gold pepperoni topping for those prices.
3) Supermarket Clothing
Okay, the quality may be going up but so are the prices! Supermarkets have always claimed to sell low cost, quality clothing and the recession has certainly seen a rise in the acceptability of shopping for sweaters in Sainsbury’s.
4) Rent
I don’t get it, according to most buyers it’s cheaper to rent – but if that’s the case then why am I paying more every month than the average mortgage? Rent is a joke these days because people can’t afford to buy homes, so renting has become more popular and landlords have cottoned on and jacked their prices right up. I mean, come on – I want to work so I can have a life, not just work so I can afford to live under a roof! The saddest part is that I’m not alone in this horrible situation, which is why banks are having no option but to take 5% for mortgage deposits.
So next time someone is trying to sell you something, claiming it’s a bargain and ‘so cheap!’ – have a second look before you’re sucked into the con.

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